Celebrating over 20 years of 'once-in-a-lifetime' moments

Orcas near kayakers in Johnstone StraitSea Kayak Adventures, a ROW Adventures company, was founded in Baja California over 20 years ago with the dream of sharing the majesty of whale watching and sea kayaking with fellow nature-lovers. Our kayak excursions provide rare, intimate interactions with wildlife. You'll be at eye-level with playful dolphins, inquisitive sea lions, and majestic whales -- not only observing, but interacting in an unobtrusive way.

Each location we visit offers spectacular wilderness adventures with unparalleled wildlife encounters, often with local whale communities, and stunning scenery. Baja's Islands of Loreto Bay in the Sea of Cortez hosts blue whales and fin whales, and friendly gray whale babies can be seen at our exclusive whale camps on the Pacific Coast. In Canada, paddle amidst playful orcas and lumbering humpback whales near Robson Bight Ecological Reserve off the coast of Vancouver Island. Observe Patagonia's southern right whales lounging in their calving lagoons. Yacht through the glacial waters of Alaska, or sleep under the stars on the beaches of the Galápagos Islands.

Our exceptional equipment, itineraries, and operations attract extraordinary guides and office staff that make our adventures special. Our guides are extensively trained in safety measures as well as in interpretive guiding, Kayakers in Baja's Sea of Cortezensuring they are able to communicate their knowledge about the wildlife and natural history to you, and enrich your experience.

We are also devoted to furthering our conservation and responsible tourism efforts. In 2013 we became the first kayak tour operator to join the World Cetacean Alliance's Responsible Whale Watch Partnership in an effort to raise the standards of whale watching worldwide. In addition, we operate under Leave No Trace™ ethics so you can enjoy the wildlife and landscape without harming the natural habitat, and have teamed up with a other responsible tourism and sustainable travel partners to ensure we play a role in preserving our environment.

Whether you're an avid sea kayaker or a beginner, you will enjoy the stunning views and unforgettable moments playing in the presence of the marine life on our award-winning tours. See for yourself why National Geographic Adventure Magazine named Sea Kayak Adventures one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth." With us, you don't just observe a place; you intimately experience it. And you don't just watch the wildlife; you connect with them. Happy travels!

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