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SOUTH AMERICA, Galapagos Islands

Galapagos by Kayak

Sea Kayak and Camp on the Islands!
Designed for those of you who are sea kayak enthusiasts looking for a unique way to explore the incredible Galapagos Islands. The only land-based, sea kayak adventure available, this...
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Sea Kayaking, Whale Watching, Camping 9 days Min. Age: 7 years

Cuba by Kayak

Cuba's First People to People Kayak Adventure
With its opened gates, Cuba’s mythic presence looms larger than ever. Flamboyant vintage cars rumbling down streets lined with palm trees. Chilled glasses of...
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Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Multisport, Lodge Based, Special Interest 8 days Min. Age: 12
SOUTH AMERICA, Chile, Patagonia Latin America, South America, Chile, Patagonia

Patagonia EcoCamp

Torres Del Paine Kayaking and Hiking Tour
Patagonia: a world of wind-swept steppes, towering mountains capped with glaciers, and an undeniable frontier aura. On our new custom, hand-crafted Torres del Paine Kayak...
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Sea Kayaking, Multisport, Camping, Lodge Based 7-days Min. Age: 14

Kayak Revolutionary Cuba

Paddle and Walk Cuba's Legendary East
Christopher Columbus definitely had a thing for landing on eastern shores, and in 1492 he found himself looking out upon Cuba’s eastern coastline and emphatically declaring...
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Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Lodge Based, Special Interest 8-days Min. Age: 12
SOUTH AMERICA, Galapagos Islands

Galápagos Islands Multisport

Sea Kayak, Snorkel, Hike the Galápagos Islands
This Galápagos active adventure is the first of its kind offered in this tropical archipelago--and now it's better than ever! Ours is the only adventure that gives...
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Multisport, Camping, Family Focus 10 days Min. Age: 7 years