As an adventure travel company, we could not exist without our team of experienced guides and office staff. Their attitudes, expertise and love for their work ensures that you'll be well cared for, and that your safety and comfort are top priority.

Andy Hayes

Sea Kayak Adventures Manager

Andy, a native of Coeur d’Alene, graduated from the University of Idaho in 2002, went on to earn advanced degrees in engineering and physical therapy, and embarked on a dynamic career in health care for 6+ years.  Along the way, he discovered deep passions for outdoor recreation, as well as learning about the world by seeing and experiencing as much of it as possible.  Andy has traveled widely in the U.S., all over Europe, as well as to Australia and Mexico.  He credits his travels with opening his eyes and his mind to different ways of living, thinking, and being.  “There are very few things with the power to change how a person sees the world, as well as their own place in it.  And travel is at the top of the list.”  Andy made his way back to North Idaho in 2014 after several years in Arizona and Oregon.  He also decided to pursue and share his passions for travel, adventure, and the outdoors on a full-time basis.  He fully enjoys the opportunities he has to enrich the lives of our guests by expanding and facilitating unforgettable adventures.  Andy is a triathlete, enjoys mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, backpacking, and doing anything active with his wife Becky and their golden retriever Tubbs.  If he’s not playing outside, he enjoys a good book, a good movie, time with family and close friends, and a good Northwest craft beer with any or all of the above.

Jessica Jolliff

Adventure Consultant

Jessica grew up in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and has always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors. She began working at ROW Adventures as a seasonal summer employee while finishing up her bachelor's degree in Sociology at the University of Idaho. After graduating from U of I, Jess decided to return to Coeur d' Alene and began working as a year-round adventure consultant for ROW Sea Kayak Adventures. She has always enjoyed traveling around the Northwest and recently developed love for traveling internationally when she took her first trip to London as a part of her Sociology studies. Now that she has the travel bug in her, she's excited to travel to many more locations all over the world, as well as to share her passion for travel by connecting our guests to life-altering travel experiences. When Jessica isn't spending time with her two pups, close friends or family, she enjoys kayaking on the lake, hiking local trails, and painting.

Rachel Dodge

Adventure Consultant

Growing up, Rachel was surrounded by adventure as both a livelihood and a way of life. The daughter of two working artists, she traveled around the world with her family to see national parks, monuments, historical exhibits, galleries and museums, and even to visit art villages in Mexico, as well as the homes of other artists in Europe. Whether it was exploring the back country of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, or living abroad in Italy for 6+ years, her passion has always been the travel experience. Closely tied to travel, she also loves art, culture, foreign language, and International law regarding cultural property across borders. As an Adventure Consultant with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, Rachel gets to combine her passions with the amazing world of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors, while kayaking in some of the most beautiful places in the world. She loves working with our guests to help them create unique, once in a lifetime memories and travel experiences, and has an infectious excitement for life, a passion for people, and an appreciation for the many ways we all come together in this great big world. Outside of work, Rachel volunteers with a local non-profit organizing youth art workshops, exercises her green thumb, geeks out over wine and cooking, and spends time with her puppy, family and friends.

Stephanie Wells-Gray

Adventure Consultant

Originally from the Midwest, Stephanie grew up taking trips with her family to the mountains of Montana and Wyoming where she developed an insatiable love for the outdoors. She found her desire for travel as a young adult and has since traveled through Europe, Latin America and Canada, as well as throughout much of the western US. Ten years ago she moved out to the Pacific Northwest in search of new mountains and adventures. There she graduated from Portland State University and focused her studies on marine biology, environmental conservation, and geology. After graduating, she jumped into the adventure and outdoor Industry and has never looked back. Her favorite activities include cycling, backpacking, and mountaineering, and more recently she has taken an interest in paddling and skiing. If it involves the outdoors, she wants to try it!

Stephanie recently relocated to Spokane, Washington and loves all the fresh scenery in her new home. She is excited to keep exploring the world, and couldn’t be happier to share her enthusiasm for travel and adventure with our guests and Cuba Unbound!

Vivi Gonzalez

Adventure Consultant

Vivi is an Idaho native and a recent graduate from the University of Idaho where she received a B.A. in Political Science, International & Latin American Studies. Vivi enjoys traveling in the U.S. but mostly abroad where she has had the opportunity to travel in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Cuba. She loves sharing her Mexican heritage and flavor as well as learning about the traditions and histories of other cultures. As a native Spanish speaker she has a passion for Latin America, music, cooking, dancing, and drinking wine! She hopes to create more lasting memories around the world but most importantly she strives to promote the timeless beauty that is Cuba and its people. “Cuba is a country stuck in time, there is a romantic and melancholically poetic feel to the country but at the same time Cuba is a vibrant song in a festival of art.”

For Vivi the Pacific Northwest will always be her home and she will get to enjoy all of the beauty and adventure that it has to offer.