Alex Magana Ruiz

Alex, a native of Guadalajara, Mexico, now lives in Loreto where he has been a whale watching and sea kayak guide and logistics coordinator for ROW SKA. He personifies guest service and adds panache to our tours. He also runs his own business selling day tours in Loreto and is a wonderful artist and photographer. Go visit Alex at the Loreto marina snack shop for his vast knowledge of day tours in the area.

Axel Herrara

Originally from Mexico City, Axel is a world traveler and international guide. He recently spent a year guiding in New Zealand. Axel is also a marine biologist from the University of Baja California Sur La Paz, specializing in dolphin vocalizations. He is quite professional as a guide and very knowledgeable on marine natural history. Axel has many stories from his travels to share with guests, including snorkeling with whale sharks.

Damian Murillo

Damian Murillo

Damian Murillo was born in Puerto San Carlos in Magdalena Bay. Damian is a graduate of the Alternative Tourism Program at the University of Baja California Sur in Loreto. His passion is Environmental Education for children. Damian likes the outdoors, caring for his puppy and playing soccer.

Dení Ramírez

Baja Whale Shark Guide

With a passion for marine life and whale sharks, in particular, Deni began a mainland research project in the Sea of Cortez in 2001.  She obtained her PhD in 2011. Her doctoral thesis addressed global whale shark population genetics to determine how many populations exist worldwide. She collaborated with other scientists and went to the Philippines to collect tissue samples. Her PhD also includes an understanding of population ecology and abundance of the whale sharks at Holbox Island, in Mexico, which is the biggest aggregation ever reported, as well as the population ecology and abundance of whale sharks from the Sea of Cortez. She is always excited to share her knowledge and passion for these magnificent creatures with guests, and leads a number of ROW SKA's whale shark snorkel tours.

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Guillermo Carvajal

Sea Kayak Guide

Guillermo was born in San Luis Potosi, mainland Mexico. After moving a lot as a kid due to his parents careers, Guillermo settled in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  Guillermo loves traveling, sports and spending time with loved ones.  Guillermo holds a Biology Degree and has been a guide for ROW Sea Kayak Adventures since 2015.

Guillermo has worked as an Assistant Panguero on our Isla Espiritu Santo and Islands of Loreto Bay Kayaking tours. He entered into the guiding business because he has always loved traveling, nature and wildlife.  Guillermo’s introduction to ROW Sea Kayak Adventures came during school when he befriended a current guide and learned about the work and opportunities that guiding in Baja provided.  It didn’t take long for Guillermo to look for a job with ROW.

Guillermo quickly took to life on the Sea and has enjoyed the connection with the ocean and marine life, nature and the incredible people he gets to meet form all around the world.  The ceviche, cold beer, opportunity to meet new Friends, encounters with whales and sea lions and the many things that all of the guests on the trip had to offer quickly made Guillermo feel at home, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that home is wherever he is standing.

José Sergio Navarro

Sergio grow up in Puerto San Carlos. He often fished with his father as a kid, and enjoyed the water growing up. While he has only been a guide with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures for two seasons now, he has been guiding for over 16 years, since he was just 16 years old. He got started with kayaking in 1997 while he was working on a natural history course with RARE, an organization for tropical conservation. During the course, they offered the students the opportunity to learn kayaking skills. At the time, Sergio was working as a hotel manager, and never thought he would be a kayaker. However, since he grew up in a fishing family he always like to be close to the sea. One day, a close friend asked him if would like to be sea kayaking guide. Sergio interviewed for the position and accepted the offer. Sixteen years later he is still a kayaking guide in Baja, and still loves it! Sergio enjoys meeting people from other countries, and sharing his knowledge about Baja California and his love of nature. His favorite places in the world are those with beautiful clear water; luckily Baja has a lot of that! Sergio also loves the cuisine in Baja. His favorite ROW Sea Kayak Adventures meals are the chicken mole, and anything with fish. When Sergio isn't guiding, he enjoys spending time with his family. They love to go fishing, camping and kayaking together. Some friends tell Sergio they "think he is a little crazy because he spends so much time kayaking!" Maybe so, but we understand his love for kayaking and the beauty of Baja!

Maria Aguilar Murillo

Maria is another true Baja Californian, raised in a seaside fishing village on San Ignacio Lagoon where she has seen gray whales since a child. Maria graduated from the University of Loreto alternative Tourism program and she worked as a naturalist at a whale watching camp in San Ignacio Lagoon.  Maria is an excellent kayak guide and enjoys sharing her passion for the Ocean and marine life with our guests.  

Mario Alberto Escalera Gómez

Mario Alberto Escalera Gómez

Native of Mexico City, when he was 6 years old he saw his first whale and after that, he decided he wanted to be a marine biologist. Now he is a graduate of the University of Baja California Sur. He works in environmental education and sustainable development workshops with a group of young teenagers he cofounded in La Paz. He believes that the proper education is the keystone for our societies to do the first step to sustainable societies and thus responsible use of our resources.

Monica Sanchez

Now in her fourth season with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures in Baja, Monica loves the water, and everything surrounding it. She is especially passionate about whales and dolphins. Monica always dreamt of being a wilderness explorer like the journalists in National Geographer magazine. Due to her love for both the ocean and marine mammals, she decided to work at an aquarium in the Caribbean where she worked as a dolphin and sea lion trainer for a couple of years.
While she loved being so close to the animals, she realized she would rather see them in the wild, in their natural habitat. Monica discovered Sea Kayak Adventures was looking to hire a naturalist for their Baja whale watching tours, and applied. The day she was hired was "one of the best days of my life; my dream came true. I will be in the wilderness, observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat."

Monica loves that every day as a guide is a new adventure, a new experience, and a surprise, where the unexpected is the norm. She loves sharing her excitement and passion for nature with guests, as well as hearing about their stories. She loves knowing that the time she shared with them in nature gave them something special that they will remember for the rest of their life.  When she's not guiding, Monica likes to hike, explore, and travel. She also loves reading about marine life and nature, and discovering new places where she can practice stand-up paddle boarding. In the off-season, Monica works as a reporter.

Ramon Murillo

Ramon Murillo

Ramon can trace his roots to generations of fishermen in the Loreto area, and his knowledge of the Sea of Cortez and its weather is boundless. We are truly honored to have him provide motorboat support on some of our Sea of Cortez tours in Baja (called pangas in Baja California). He is a master panga captain, with many amazing stories of the high seas to relate.

Ruben Sandoval Zuñiga

Assistant Panguero

Ruben has been guiding for ROW Sea Kayak Adventures since 2013.  Ruben most commonly guides on our La Paz, Espiritu Santo kayaking tours.  Ruben is from San Luis Potosi, and has been fond of the Sea since he was a child.  He moved to La Paz 15 years ago to study and get his Bachelor Degree in Marine Biology. When he was a student he started doing underwater fishing and free diving. Ruben decided to get involved in tourism because he wanted to show the visitors the beauty of La Paz and the importance of conserving the environmental resources.  After two seasons with ROW, Ruben's favorite part of guiding is showing visitors the magic, the beauty and the greatness of Espiritu Santo, and he loves making our guests feel part of the ROW family in Baja. 

When Ruben is not guiding for ROW you can find him under the Sea!  He loves to search for new places to explore and Marine life to observe.  Ruben loves sharing this passion with our guests, snorkeling alongside them, pointing out the abundant marine life that exists in the Sea of Cortez.  Ruben not only shaes his intimate knowledge of marine life with our guests, he is known for serving up delicious mexican dishes such as Veracruz style fish, ceviche, or huevos rancheros.  


Sergio Mariscal

Sergio began his guiding career in 2005 while he was still in College, selling tours in the afternoons and guiding them on the weekends. He became a full time guide in 2011 and started guiding for ROW Sea Kayak Adventures in January of 2016.

In school, Sergio focused on tourism with and emphasis in lodging; however he quickly discovered that his passion was in the tourism sector. He found it was more fun sharing his love for his country by leading people into the outdoors, visiting and camping in Nation Parks and nature reserves around LaPaz and along the Baja Peninsula.

Sergio thinks the best part about being a guide is meeting people from all over the world and collecting friends from everywhere. Sergio also loves that you never know what to expect when you go out. His best day at work was when he encountered Orcas swimming south of Espiritu Santo Island and was able to get in the water with them. Sergio enjoys sharing his culture through the food on our tours, serving up chicken mole and fish Veracruz style along the way.

When Sergio is not guiding kayaking tours, he loves spending time with family, watching movies and traveling to new places. While he hasn’t had the opportunity to travel much, so far he hasn’t found any place in the World that he likes more than his home town of LaPaz.

Valente Murillo

Valente is one of our pangueros  from Loreto where he is a fisherman when not operating the support boat for our kayak tours. He is a very good cook, has a great smile below his Pancho Villa mustache and loves to share his knowledge of the sea with our guests.