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Kayaking in Cuba photo credit Chad Case

Cuba Unbound

Virginia Living | March, 2016

"Kimberley Lovato travels to this enigmatic place, where she kayaks on the Bay of Pigs and in Ciénaga de Zapata National Park, the Caribbean’s largest wetlands, explores Trinidad and Havana, and discovers there’s a lot to learn, and love, about this long-shuttered country on the verge of transformation."

Cuba by Kayak
Gray whale at Magdalena Bay Whale Camp in Baja

Whale Magic in Magdalena Bay

What a Trip | March, 2016

"The full-throttled leap of a female Pacific gray whale was heard before it was seen from our small panga bobbing in the lagoon. Her giant splash reverberated through the shallow waters of Magdalena Bay like a meteor exploding into Earth. We are close enough to the hulking mammal to see the barnacles on her back and feel the spray from her blow hole. Her month old baby floats beside her. Our three day whale watching adventure is just beginning and yet, it has already exceeded my expectations!"

Magdalena Bay Whale Watching
Honeymoon Beach in Baja Photo Credit: Nancy Brown

Sea Kayaking Adventure to Danzante Island

What a Trip | February, 2016

"As our plane descended into Loreto, Mexico the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range, Isla Carmen and Danzante Islands came into view. After a quick overnight in the sleepy fishing village of Loreto, we were off to begin our week long sea kayaking and whale watching vacation with Row Sea Kayak Adventures. Our group of 10 came from all walks of life; a father and son, two former Outward Bound employees, an active adventure couple, three friends who had met previously on a whale watching trip in the Azores and me. While we all had different levels of kayaking experience, our common bond of wanderlust and adventure bound us together over the next eight days."

Kayak & Whale Watching Combo

Sea Kayaking Adventures

Travel Advice Show | February, 2016

Peter Grubb, founder of Sea Kayak Adventurers, explores the world of sea kayaking with Chris and Jerry of the Travel Advice Show. Sea Kayak Adventures' trips offer a unique perspective of getting-up-close to nature, culture, flora, fauna, and culture. Their tours include close encounters with various types of whales, exploring remote coastlines, observing bears, paddling the Bay of Pigs, walking through rural Albania, and other unique experiences. Sea Kayak Adventures offers sea kayaking expeditions to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Alaska, and Europe. Some of their programs are designed for families, which include three-passenger kayaks so younger children can sit between their parents. For a truly fascinating, invigorating, and awe-inspiring vacation, go on a trip with Sea Kayak Adventures.  

Honeymoon in Cuba Brides Magazine

How to Honeymoon in Cuba

Brides | February, 2016

"Vintage Havana, Hemingway haunts, live salsa music, those azure ocean blues— what could possibly be more romantic than a honeymoon in Cuba? The vibrant island nation is more accessible to American travelers than it has been in decades (it was just announced that commercial flights from the U.S. to Cuba will be restored starting Summer 2016), but there are still rules for travel." Read more to learn how to plan your Cuban honeymoon!

Cuba by Kayak
Baja Sunset

High On Adventure

Having a Whale of a Time | January, 2016

"We then spent the afternoon kayaking in the bay on a sea as smooth as glass, paddling past remarkable sandstone cliffs wind-carved and eroded into fantastic formations, many like ancient ruins. Blue-footed boobies and brown pelicans circled overhead, but more unusual was a pair of mating sea turtles. The evening sunset was a dizzying display of colors, the sky variously and briefly flavored hues of burgundy, flame red, lipstick pink, shimmering yellow, soft and semi-fluorescent blue and more."

Isla Espiritu Santo Kayak Sojourn
Cuba Unbound People to People Kayaking Tour photo Kimberley Lovato

Yahoo Travel

Opt Outside: Cool Adventure Trips You Need to Book Now | January, 2016

"By now, you might be hung over from reading lists of what destinations to visit in 2016. But what about the best times to go, or the best ways to actually see them? A Cuba trip where you only hang out on the Malecon and a Cuba trip where you explore the nation via kayak are two different trips indeed. Here are some exciting trips to keep on your radar in 2016..."

Cuba by Kayak
Men's Fitness Logo

6 Extreme Outdoor Adventures to Challenge Your Fitness in December

Men's Fitness | December, 2015

"Endangered whales migrate here in winter looking for savory crustaceans. The best way to see the massive creatures? Bobbing alongside them in a sea kayak. Row Adventures' eight-day kayak camping trips offer unparalleled access to Loreto Bay National Marine Park, where dolphins play among bright tropical fish."

Islands of Loreto Bay Kayak Tour
Cuba Unbound People to People Tour

Cuban Travel: 5 Ways to Explore Cube

Men's Fitness | September, 2015

"When it comes to Caribbean islands, it's hard to imagine anything other than its turquoise waters. On this eight-day paddling trip with Row Adventures, you'll get your fill of stunning sandy stretches and untouched coral reefs, but not at the cost of ignoring the country's beautiful forests and cities, too. This new people-to-people adventure, which debuts in November, combines sea, lake and river kayaking with hiking so that you can spend plenty of time in both its metropolitan and wildlife settings, including Havana, Bay of Pigs, and Zapata National Park."

Cuba by Kayak
A feeding humpback comes out of the water near one of our kayakers

Kayaking with Killer Whales in British Columbia

The Financial Times | September, 2015

"The 30-tonne creature broke the surface a mere stone’s throw from my kayak, the sun glistening on its huge black back as its 40ft body arced gracefully up and over as if in slow motion. For the next half-hour I watched, mesmerised, as it repeatedly resurfaced, its arrival heralded each time by the sudden blast of a 10ft plume of water from its blow hole. At times I was close enough to feel the moisture from those spouts drift over me; close enough to see the white barnacles encrusting its great tail as it dived."

Blackfish Waters Orca Kayak Tour