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Kayak Camping and Whale Watching in Baja: Put This On Your Bucket List

Kayak Camping and Whale Watching in Baja: Put This On Your Bucket List

Traveling Jackie | August, 2017

If you have the opportunity to take a quick trip somewhere, ideally in February or March, and would love a peaceful, life-enriching experience, consider doing this exact trip. It is offered every whale season. It is fully catered and all gear is provided, all you have to do is show up (with plenty of sunscreen).

Sea Kayak Adventures in the Evening Standard

Sea-kayaking through the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico

Evening Standard | June, 2017

"If it wasn’t a school of manta rays jumping, it was a sea lion popping up to say hello, or perhaps the impressive rock formations, that provided a reason to slow our stroke and breathe in our surroundings. Sea kayaking in Mexico under the clear blue skies and in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez is an incredible escape. Looking to try my Devon-honed kayaking skills in a new landscape, I went on the Isla Espiritu Santo kayak and yoga trip with Sea Kayak Adventures in April."

Yoga Adventure & Kayak Tour

Yoga-Infused All-Inclusive Vacations That Add Relaxation to Adventure

Frommer's | February, 2017

"Start your day with a serene yoga class on a sandy beach before kayaking and snorkeling around Isla Espiritu Santo, off the coast of La Paz in Baja, where sea lions and plankton-eating whale sharks play. End the day with a restorative yoga class to soothe the muscles and mind before waking up the next morning refreshed and ready to do it all again."

Yoga Adventure & Kayak Tour

Cuba on the Cusp of Change

Huffington Post | October, 2016

"I was in Cuba for ROW Adventure’s seven-day people-to-people kayaking trip, one of the first trips of its kind since President Obama re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba last year....On our first day, we paddled for a couple of hours around the shallow bay in the late afternoon. There was nobody else on the water. Not a boat or kayak other than our own, just the birds and the wind."

Cuba by Kayak

What it's Like to Kayak with Orcas

Vogue | August, 2016

"Time stops in British Columbia’s Inside Passage: Stretching from the northwestern edge of Washington State and extending into southeast Alaska, this coastal route weaves through thick wilderness where a day at sea includes roaming free with humpback whales and orcas. Towering trees stand erect against the haze of ambient cloud streams, and you can feel a steady, internal shift accruing, cementing a lineal connection to nature this landscape provides." Orca Basecamp Kayak Tour & God's Pocket Wilderness Resort Kayaking Tour

Orca Basecamp Kayak Tour
Cuba East Kayaking and Walking Tour of Eastern Cuba

Los Angeles Times

Cuba: A rare chance to kayak and hike on the island's eastern side | August, 2016

"Cuba Unbound has something new to offer travelers heading to Cuba: kayaking and walking tours on the wild, east end of the island. People-to-people trips start in November for an experience that organizers describe as a “little more raw” than the usual island-nation visit."

Kayaking with orcas in the wild

The Orca Alternative: Kayaking in Search of Killer Whales in the Wild

The Chicago Tribune | June, 2016

"There are easier whales to see. The humpback, for example, puts on acrobatic displays annually in Maui. Along their 6,000-mile migration between Mexico and Alaska, gray whales can be spotted from shore. Curious sperm whales in the Caribbean have been known to approach whale-watching boats. Orcas, it turns out, are much less predictable quarry..."

Orca Basecamp Kayak Tour
Cuba Kayaking Bay of Pigs

Return to the Bay of Pigs

Sierra Magazine | May, 2016

"This is a day of firsts," announces Peter Grubb of ROW Adventures, the organizer of our six-day waterborne odyssey. "It's not just the first-ever people-to-people kayak tour of Cuba. It's likely the first time a group of Americans has been on these waters in a long time."

Cuba by Kayak
SKA Kayak Tour British Columbia Credit Mark Sissons

Paddle Among the Orcas of Johnstone Strait | May, 2016

"TELEGRAPH COVE, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Have you heard the mermaids singing? I have, and they sound like pearly black orca whales calling to one another as their sleek dorsal fins slice through the water past my sea kayak. I first heard their song of the sea on a shimmering hot August afternoon in Johnstone Strait, a narrow channel in the northeastern part of Vancouver Island. Family groups (called pods) of orcas use this passage as an aquatic superhighway, speeding toward deeper waters farther offshore on their seasonal migratory odysseys. Their otherworldly vocalizations are called echolocation, and they use them to navigate, communicate and hunt in these cold, deep waters. From a nearby boat borne hydrophone I could listen to broadcasts of their conversations above the water’s surface as I paddled past." Read more:

Orca Basecamp Kayak Tour
Sea of Cortez Baja Photography by Mark Rush

A Week of Whales, Water, Wildlife in Baja California

The Star-Telegram | March, 2016

"Booked through ROW Adventures in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and its sister company, Sea Kayak Adventures, this popular wildlife adventure combines sea kayaking in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez with whale watching in Magdalena Bay."