Galapagos Islands Underwater Wonder

Galapagos Islands Dive

Galapagos "One of the world's Seven Underwater Wonders"

A top travel destination, your Galapagos Islands diving tour will leave you in awe. Rich with endemic species, and biodiversity both on land and in the sea, it is one of the few places left on earth where you can experience natural history first hand, rather than read about it in a book.

Divers, adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike put visiting these exceptional islands at the top of their bucket list. With our land based tours we offer the ultimate exploration of both the sea and island world. The Galapagos Islands are unlike anywhere else on the planet. This chain of islands is the result of the hotspot located at the ocean floor below. Rising above the ocean levels, the islands are merely the tops of deep underwater volcanoes. Many of them are still active and new islands are likely to emerge in the future as the plates shift and the hot spot creates new volcanoes. The Galapagos are also located at the convergence of four ocean currents. This results in the immense variety of species found on these islands, making the Galapagos the most diverse marine ecosystem on the planet.

In total, the Galapagos Islands host over 2900 marine species alone, with 25% endemic to the archipelago. Only on these islands can you see penguins socializing with sea lions and blue-footed boobies. Large marine mammals that frequent the islands include hammerhead sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks, white tipped reef sharks, and more. In the vibrant underwater community, florescent fish mingle with manta rays and more, among the colorful coral.

On land, marine and land iguanas lounge about the rugged lava fields. There are flamingos that feed and inhabit wetlands. There are other bird species that come here for temporary refuge while some are year-round habitants, so the bird-watching is also incredible. The Galapagos has been voted into the top dive sites in the world year after year. With our expertise, it is possible for divers of skill level to explore the amazing marine world. Our guides have scoped out sites for to fit every skill level, so even if you have never been diving before but have always wanted to, don't hesitate to call. For advanced divers we offer dives like you have never before experienced as well as the opportunity to get Padi Certifications.

It is rare to find such a rich island chain free from industrial fishing; yet once again the Galapagos Islands hold this title. As a result, there is little fear below the surface. Curious sea lions nibble at your flippers and will happily engage in a game of tug-o-war. Fish may dart at sudden movements, but are quick to return to their normal activities. Hammerhead sharks casually mill about, indifferent to our presence, allowing exceptionally close viewing. Manta rays and sea turtles elegantly move about in a seemingly effortless manner. These dives will exceed your wildest imagination and leave you wanting more. For an unforgettable experience, make the Galapagos Islands your next vacation destination.

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