A beluga whale

Belugas Don't Need Raffi to Make Music

by Stephanie Engle
Thar she blows? No, thar she sounds. Belugas, the vociferous canaries of the sea, are way more likely to make waves with their underwater operettas than by showing you their tail fin. In the cold,... more
Annie and Bill at God's Pocket Resort

Love in Adventure: How love and adventure started God's Pocket Wilderness Resort

by Stephanie Engle
Bright buildings of varying sizes and shapes create a belt of prismatic tints against the shoreline. Blue doors splash against orange panels, and a turquoise adirondack chair sits with striking... more
A gray whale pops up to say hello in Magdalena Bay Baja California. Photo credit: Chad Case

Whale Camp

by Andy Hayes
I reported for my first day of work at ROW Sea Kayak Adventures on December 10th, 2014 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. It was the start of our Baja season, and I was tasked with learning all there is to... more
Magdalena Bay Baja Whale Camp

Living at the Magdalena Bay Whale Camp

by Mario Escalera
Albert Einstein once said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Here at Sea Kayak Adventures, we believe that our guests deserve to have the best experiences to... more
Midnight Paddle

A Midnight Paddle on Christie Passage

by Rachel Dodge
After departing from the dining room full from an amazing meal of lamb curry and an abundance of laughter and good conversation we all headed to our cabins for a couple hours of rest before the... more

Top 10 Therapeutic Aspects of Our British Columbia Trips

by Amy Croson
Getting away from it all is what vacations are all about; they are meant to have you relaxed with your mind on things other than work or school. Vacations are supposed to be about disconnecting!... more


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