United States opens flights to Cuba

Skies are Open for U.S. Flights to Cuba

by Stephanie Engle
It’s not just the tropical sun that’s beating against Cuba’s tarmac: commercial U.S. airlines now have the opportunity to touch down on the island. On August 31st, JetBlue took off from Florida’s... more
Got Baja Maps Loreto Islands Edition

Fun With 'Got Baja' Maps!

by Amy Croson
While on my Baja Adventure, I came across fun cartoon maps created by 'Got Baja?'. These maps were located nearly every where I seemed to look - grocery stores, shopping malls, the airports, etc.... more
Your Layover: 24 Things to Do in 24 Hours

Your Layover: 24 Things To Do In 24 Hours

by Amy Croson
With travel comes layovers and, with layovers come bordem. How do you enjoy your vacation while in an airport or waiting for your mode of transportation? It seems that I have become somewhat of an... more
Don't Leave Home Without the Right Gear

Don't Leave Home Without...

by Michelle Darnell
The 2015 travel season is well underway, and with incredible destinations like Africa, the Galapagos, and British Columbia to visit you might just need some new gadgets to inspire your next... more
Bring Your Vacation Home with You: Frame and Hang Photos

How To Bring Your Vacation Home With You

by Amy Croson
Vacations are incredibly memorable; they allow us to get away from our every day lives & explore the world around us! We carry thoughts and memories of our vacations for years and years after.... more

Top 10 Therapeutic Aspects of Our British Columbia Trips

by Amy Croson
Getting away from it all is what vacations are all about; they are meant to have you relaxed with your mind on things other than work or school. Vacations are supposed to be about disconnecting!... more


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