Creature Feature: Gray Whale

by Mario Escalera
Species: Eschrichtius robustus  Likelihood of encountering this species: Extremely often (during season) on Magdalena Bay Whale Camp and San Ignacio Lagoon Whale Camp trips Fun Facts About Gray... more
Juvenile sea lion taken near Isla Espiritu Santo

Creature Feature: California Sea Lion

by Mario Escalera
Species: Zalophus californianus Habitat: Coastal areas from California down to Mexico, Baja California Sur, Galapagos Islands and in the southern Sea of Japan. They are an opportunistic species,... more
La Paz Mission Baja California Chad Case

A Guide's Guide: La Paz, Baja California Sur

by Sam Morrison
La Paz, or "La Passion" as locals lovingly refer to it, is the home base for our Isla Espiritu Santo sea kayaking adventures, the start or finish for many of our sea kayaking & whale watching... more
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