Founder Peter G. Talks Sea Kayaking with the Travel Advice Show

Posted on Friday, Feb 19th, 2016
Sea kayaking in Baja California Sur

Our founder, Peter Grubb, was invited to talk on The Travel Advice Show with hosts Chris and Jerry about the world of sea kayaking. Tune in below to learn more about Sea Kayak Adventures, and what sea kayaking is all about!

"Sea Kayak Adventures' trips offer a unique perspective of getting-up-close to nature, culture, flora, fauna, and culture. Their tours include close encounters with various types of whales, exploring remote coastlines, observing bears, paddling the Bay of Pigs, walking through rural Albania, and other unique experiences. Sea Kayak Adventures offers sea kayaking expeditions to Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Alaska, and Europe. Some of their programs are designed for families, which include three-passenger kayaks so younger children can sit between their parents. For a truly fascinating, invigorating, and awe-inspiring vacation, go on a trip with Sea Kayak Adventures."